About Me

Little Craft Room  Welcome to my Little Craft Room! I am pleased to see you here, I am Alexandra, and

I have been making things AND websites as long as I can remember. The first thing I ever made was a wooden vase for dried flowers, it was a piece of tree trunk with several holes drilled into it. I think I was 12 years old at the time.

The first website I ever created was probably one of the first websites ever made. :)

I love making one of a kind (OOAK) items. It drives me crazy when I find handmade things on the internet that I fall in love with, but, have no idea how to make I have to know how it’s made and have to make the similar by myself.  :)  I can research Internet for a several months in finding clue what materials, tools and technique to use to create that item. Finally, I have come to my own materials, tools, and technique…

My hair pins and Resin Kanzashi inspired by Japanese resin Kanzashi. I have found the pictures of these amazing accessories on Japanese websites and auctions. I spent 6 or so months to figure out how to make that piece of beauty. Now I improving  my skills and technique in making resin flowers with every new petal.
Resin Kanzashi
Tiny Everyday Earrings My second line of handmade things is tiny everyday earrings. One day I would like to make the present to daughter of friends of my and figured out that it is very difficult to find small, simple, not expensive, and convenience earrings you don’t ‘have to care about. I started new DIY project ‘Tiny everyday earrings’. After throwing out probably hundreds of them I finally found materials, and paint that work perfect for my goal: create earrings that everyone can wear every day and don’t care about them in swimming pool or shower.

And my third collection is Piece of Sea Pendants that expresses my love to the sea and ocean. I am Pisces by Horoscope.

Sea Pendant

Who knows what else I will come with?

Alexandra. BestPeople.Ca
Outside of my Little Craft Room I am a Web Developer. Let me tell you little bit about 3 websites I made in the past that could be very useful for you if you a craft person and use printed images in your craft.

First one is DigitalTemplates by Bestpeople.ca. If you create the thing with image inside such as pendants, magnets, buttons, and many-many others things you will be surprise how easy to make the picture of your creation without making a real picture. You don’t have to have any graphic tool or graphic knowledge. Just use my website. It’s easy and convenient, and available 24/7.

Second one is DigitalSheets by BestPeople.Ca. That website will help you to create your own collage sheet with your own images for printing or for sell.

And third one is ImagesForCrafts by BestPeople.ca has a thousand of free images designed by me. You can use them to make … Whatever you want to make :). All images you found on that website are absolutely free. You can download the images as separate files or make collage sheet online on my website, and download ready sheet for easy printing.

These 3 website give me such a satisfying feeling. Messages with ‘Thank you’ from the many people around the world make my every day as sunny day.

Thank you again for visiting.